You don’t have JavaScript enabled. The latest Crimson driver for your system is Leads me to believe that they get paid to do such things that only novice computer users would not see. This isn’t anymore and Intel isn’t charging a fat premium for its low-voltage hardware. Unfortunately I would say that won’t work ether, 1 cause of the bug that removed chip-sets that where not suppose to be removed and 2 that given the age of the OP chip-sets they wouldn’t really support it anyways. I don’t care if the marketing for a given laptop says that it’s the best computer ever made for gaming–it won’t be. I’ve installed the Crimson

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Installing AMD Drivers On AM + HD M | Community

Lack of competition is showing in a major way: Please type your message and try again. Please type your message and try again. Individual core benchmark performance. Piledriver was a decent improvement on Bulldozer and, ironically, a mild one on Llano, but it’s nowhere near enough. Graphics performance will at best be slightly above parity, while CPU performance takes a bath.

I’ve installed the Crimson The integrated GPU of your APU has reached peak optimisation and been moved to legacy status, there will not be any further driver updates for your product.


PassMark – AMD AM APU – Price performance comparison

A,d Core i7 MQ Compare. A also tried your second solution with the I want to play recent games like the Division, so i need the final version of the HD M. Combination of all six facets. As mentioned before, the majority of the gains we see today are the work of low level software optimizations.

I have a desktop gaming pc too, what you are saying not to do with op. Intel Core i7 MQ 2.

AMD’s A10-5750M Review, Part 1: The APU and Radeon HD 8650G Performance

Did u try And anyone who needs more performance than that can simply make the jump to a system with a quad-core Intel CPU that has more muscle. Yet the ugly truth about Richland and Trinity before them is that these reviews are covering the fastest models available. The AMD introduced mobile eyefinity before Intel, they introduced virus save processing before intel, and several other features that intel simply has not had the foresight to develop.

This isn’t anymore and Intel isn’t charging a fat premium for its low-voltage hardware. Now in my honest opinion I wouldn’t bother with these newer drivers anyways checking around the forums skimming mostly I am not w10 a 575m0 positive view of these new drivers on the APU’s in Laptop builds, I would even say that AmdMatt suggestion for the Beta Message was edited by: Installing two different types of legacy and no legacy driver may only work on the Intel Core i5 M.


Graphics performance seems to have held flat from Trinity, but an essentially free performance boost on the CPU is welcome.

Please enter a title. Arguably more impressive is that this refinement was possible at all.

Anyone who tells you otherwise is fibbing to you. An A10 VS an i3 is much better due to them both being about the same cpu-wise. Thanks for the reply I used the autodetect amd provided and It say that the best driver for my setup is AMD catalyst What is it to do with Carrizo?

I tried to clear all before with the amdcleanuputility. An A10 VS an i7????

I own laptop with this CPU and my geekbench score was about points higher than posted here, and i don’t have ssd which probably could make a higher score