Fact is that these weird manufacturers’ tricks make reviewing a graphics card rather hard. The card surpassed the GT with performance similar to that of the GeForce When we first spoke to Nvidia about the GeForce Ultra, we were astounded at the power requirements. With that being said, let’s start up this review beginning with a small overview of the Radeon x Pro and then the Radeon x XT Platinum Edition. The “R”-based X line was available in 3 forms: Some people don’t care about it It requires only a single power connection to a towatt power supply, which is the same requirement as that of ATI’s previous high-end card, the Radeon XT.

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The card features 36 Pixel Shaders units. Both cards make it possible to play new 3D games with the best image quality and fast frame rates. Two new features to note with X XT are a new texture-compression technology called 3Dc, which improves the image xf of surface 8×00, and temporal antialiasing, a new strategy for improving overall image smoothness with less of a performance drain.

Do you plan to upgrade the graphics on your current desktop?

Great sound, but it’s trapped in Apple’s world. It’s not only the undisputed performance leader, it’s also the best-designed graphics card out right now.


Far Cry presents an extremely challenging graphics engine that is representative of the type of 3D graphics we will see in the near future. The massive fan on the Ultra makes the card hog two slots, making it even more unsuitable for an SFF PC or any system in afi expansion room is limited.

They constantly were close but not close enough. The results from our new 1,x1, Far Cry benchmark illustrate the difference most dramatically.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Our benchmarks show that the X XT is far and away the winner, beating Nvidia at every step. With that being said, let’s start up le review beginning with a small overview of the Radeon x Pro and then the Radeon x XT Platinum Edition. That’s the most 3D graphics-processing headroom to date from either company.

Nobody noticed it yet it’s there alright and now merged into the x series. Not one but two power connectors? We’ve changed, we promise.

Retrieved 23 March Gigantic-screen phone for a gigantic price. ATI worked hard to finish up its new 80 nanometer products and despite a delay of all the 80 nanometer chips, it is finally ready st good quantities. Like many classic dramas, power and greed are at the forefront of this heated competition.


ATI Radeon X800 Pro and XT Platinum Edition: R420 Arrives

Frankly, we were shocked at the difference in performance between the two top-of-the-line, next-generation cards. It started with their Radeon Pro d800. Review Sections Review Specs. Retrieved from ” https: GeForce Hotfix Driver See article on R’s pixel shaders.

We’ve seen a plague of optimizations and cheats from manufacturers that are very questionable.

ATi Radeon X XT PE PCI-E Video Card – Reviews, Specifications, and Pictures –

The new high-end R4x0-generation arrived with the X series, equipped with various core tweaks for slightly higher performance than the “R”-based X series. Don’t show this again. After years of finishing second to Nvidia in the race for graphics supremacy, ATI has finally handed a defeat to its rival. As always with image-quality improvements in new graphics cards, most of the new capabilities are not demonstrable at launch since game developers usually need some time to code software that takes advantage of the new features.

The “R”-based X line was available in 3 forms: