When the cassette is inserted in the iR host machine, the paper size lever pushes the paper size switches provided in the iR host machine to allow the DC controller PCB to detect presence of the cassette and the size of paper. The system software programs are registered with the names listed below. The site must not be too cold or subject to dust. If ‘no’ is selected, on the other hand, the serial No. M Main motor Drives the main parts of the printer. Unit pricing card MAX:

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The voltage value, however, differs from circuit to circuit. After completion of the above steps, contact sensor output correction will be performed and parameters will be set automatically. When the hexahedral mirror rotates at a constant speed, the photoconductor drum is scanned with laser beams at a constant speed. As necessary, curtains must be provided.

By pressing the arrow key key, keythe communication error log from No. Forward Movement during Image Scan During image scan, operation of the contact image sensor CIS is controlled by controlling the motor as shown below.

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Some, however, may find its odor unpleasant as while remaining in contact with it for long hours. Upon detection of the trailing edge, the motor decelerates rapidly and stops. Cassette 2 size detection switch OP2: Switch each screen with the arrow key. E Countermeasure Startup error – Check the fixing film i022.


The larger the adjustment value, the wider the top margin of the image becomes. To cancel the inner limit of the fixed temperature adjustment, select “Setting”.

Original sensor 3 Original sensor 4 Original sensor 1 Original sensor 2 F 3 The copyboard cover is closed at an angle of 30 deg.

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When attaching the delivery tray, be careful not to damage the full stack sensor and paper holders. After this, the registration roller starts rotating and the multi manual feed pickup clutch turns on. If ‘Prohibit’ is selected, teh transmitter does not fall back. Check whether connectors are connected properly. The machine’s laser unit is fully enclosed in a protective housing and external covers so that its light will not escape outside as long as the machine is used normally.


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Adjustment of the registration loop volume. However, it does not allow two or more them to be downloaded at the same time. If errors occur often during communication because cabon the condition of the line, enable ON the NL equalizer.


i20222 Dispose of used Batteries according to the instructions. When updagrading the following software, make sure to update all to the same version. Signal output from the speaker is thus verified.

There are two types of shading correction: Posted on Nov 14, Indicates an item intended to provide notes assisting the understanding of the topic in question.

Horizontal scan end position correction sfanner The stirring rod in the toner bottle is rotated by the mina motor to supply toner into the developing assembly through the toner supply port. F 4 Secure the control card cable clamp [2].

Select ‘2’ if the other party fails to receive the protocol signal properly. Waste toner full sensor SR Check whether the same symptom occurs when the cassette is replaced with the cassette verified to be normal. Route the other harness [2] to the front of the host machine through the edge saddle [3].