If you can ping the device, but RSLinx does not recognize the device, chances are that RSLinx is not configured properly. Ethernet is much faster than DF1. I’ve looked through the services on the server and did not see one related to directed broadcast. Look First, Ask Second! South Carolina Lowcountry Posts: And it never hurts to blow away the harmony files.

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In my case I have a PC on Got ya, it’s asking for the network setup and not one specific IP. Please be sure your drivers are working properly by using the RSWho screen.

Thanks Ken, I’m by no means an expert at this.

RSLinx Ethernet Driver

But only after enabling directed-broadcast at the router. April 23rd, I agree it’s very difficult to come in behind somebody else and figure out whether an unusual configuration is a mistake, or if it’s actually a specific setting that keeps the whole factory running.

RSWho will verify communication to your processor. Ken, Yes all of your previous post is correct. Wireshark is an awesome tool; download it and play around.

I was not present when all of this went down. Page 1 of 2. Find More Posts by rdrast.

I have the PC’s set up on the network correctly. It will on the other hand let me communicate with the devices using ETH driver. Look First, Ask Second!


Allen-Bradley | eWON – Industrial VPN routers – Remote Access & Data Services

Browse to slot 01 4. Add your devices IP address as required.

Here is the procedure I follow confiiguring I have to access a clients remote site. Rslins The guy who set all of this up to begin with is no longer here so it’s not like I can ask anyone for advice on how all of this was set up originally. Ha The guy who set all of this up to begin with is no longer here so it’s not like I can ask anyone for advice on how all of this was set up originally.

Rockwell Automation

My guess is that either your working computers networking are not configured identically to your non-working computer, or that there is a firewall or router difference. Here is the procedure I follow when I have to access a clients remote site.

All of my PLC’s are set up on a network. I am just having trouble getting the ETHIP driver to successfully browse for any my devices on the network. One of the functions of a router is to limit the broadcast range so that a request from RSLinx doesn’t go to every machine in your company or the entire Internet for that matter. RSLinx sends out a broadcast which every address should respond to. If your Windows firewall is blocking those responses or the broadcast itselfthat would be consistent with the fact that the Ethernet Devices driver works, and with your description of other computers with the exact same configuration working correctly.


You are not registered yet. In my case, the other two processors are powered down. If you are using a host file or DNS serveryou can enter the host names instead of the IP addresses.

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When I go into RSWho and browse nodes it never finds anything. Ethernet communications is usually the preferred method in Industry, but you must use caution to prevent someone from the outside from accessing your system. South Carolina Lowcountry Posts: If it is, most likely, you have a switch somewhere that isn’t passing the EIP traffic, or forwarding the broadcast requests. All of my PLC’s are set up on a network.