Speaking of the RAZR, the Smartflip uses a similar keypad design, in that there aren’t individual buttons but rather a single brushed metal plate. Wireless connectivity was limited to Bluetooth 1. Undoing a few screws and prying away the plastic cover shows us the first glimpses of inside the phone. Full Body Housing for i-mate Smartflip – Black. Compare with another smartphone Error report Error report.

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Sadly, this was not without compromises, as the input was only i-jate the keypad i-mahe no touch abilities. It distinguished itself by being small, light, while still offering Windows Mobile 5 as the operating system. Messaging MMS MMS Multimedia Messaging Service is a standard way to -imate messages that include multimedia content audio clips, video clips and images to and from mobile phones over wireless networks using the WAP protocol. The battery itself was branded Sanyo and has a four pin connection.

Battery for i-mate Smartflip. Thus begins a teardown of one of the units to take a look inside at just how things were. The protection PCB seems to have very few components for its size. If we look at the camera PCB, we find something interesting — what appears to be a small back-up battery which has leaked.


Aesthetically, the Smartflip is all black with shiny silver accents. Load times are fast aside from initial boot-upand unless you’re planning on editing spreadsheets, word documents and composing e-mails simultaneously, you won’t experience RAM shortages. On the outside you’ll find a 1. Taking off the front of the phone was more of a challenge.

Tech Flashback, Teardown: i-mate Smartflip (aka HTC Startrek) Mobile Phone | Gough’s Tech Zone

We have added specifications such as size of the screen, processor MHz, MP of camera, battery, weight, operating system, and many more!

Mobile professionals will be pleased to hear that, since it runs the Windows Mobile 5. The motherboard PCB only occupies a small area in the back black plastic panel, indicating significant minaturization.

Proudly powered skartflip WordPress. Operating System controls all basic operations of the computer such as smartphone, PDAs, tablet computers and other handheld devices. My first four smartphones were all designed and manufactured by HTC underneath.

i-mate Smartflip Specs, review, opinions, comparisons

We delete comments that violate our policywhich we encourage you to read. Wireless connectivity was limited to Bluetooth 1. Google’s larger Pixel XL whips up an ace Android emartflip.

A fairly sophisticated flat flex arrangement is used to accommodate both screens, buttons, and other features. Mini NES Classic is your childhood in a brilliant little box.


Interestingly, nowadays, users seem to balk less at that pricetag …. Design The line between regular mobile phones and smartphones has well i-nate truly blurred.

Surprisingly, however, during testing we hardly noticed any lag at all. My Account Sign in Create account. Hardware music navigation buttons. Of course, no smartphone would i-kate complete without the requisite low-end digital camera, and the Smartflip doesn’t disappoint here. How to Maxbhi How to manual’s.

Mera odara nahi hua hai kya hua to bol le ha ya na ordara nahi ho.

i-mate Smartflip

Camera for i-mate Smartflip. The i-mate Smartflip was introduced in February,over a year before the first iPhone was to debut. Call quality is great, the loudspeaker feature is clear and audio playback through the bundled headphones is pleasing.

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