The integrated battery is also something to keep in mind when talking about the thickness of this notebook. Snowbunny27 , Dec 18, Is this the perfect M11x? Raja Dec 11, More importantly, the support frame beneath the keyboard is rock solid.

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Same as above, you will be limited to what you can do. Now that more USB 3.

M11x r2 garphics card upgrade? | NotebookReview

More importantly, the support frame beneath the keyboard is rock solid. I think it’s worth it to upgrade to an SSD. Using the AlienFX software included on the M11x you can set this logo to light up in a number of different ways to alert you of your battery status.

The touchpad buttons have soft, springy movement with quiet clicks, though the full touchpad button press might be a little too deep for my taste. So despite the fact that most of the sound is directed down there is also some sound being thrown forward at the user. Anyone familiar with the other gaming notebooks in the Alienware family should instantly recognize the design of the new M11x. Share This Page Tweet. Alienware m11x r3 MarkNov 10,in forum: Last question, do you think it is mm11x worth doing?


M11x r2 garphics card upgrade?

AlienFX lights and speaker grills. It will depend on how much stuff you want to store and keep on your laptop.

Hopefully anyone who needs to use the restore disk already owns an external optical drive. Build quality is second to none thanks to the previously mentioned magnesium alloy m111x combined with matte black plastics.

When the price of gb ssd’s drop some more one is going to go into this one.

Wingolf Sep 12, In many ways the designers at Alienware tried to make this inch notebook look like a tiny twin of the inch M15x or the inch M17x. Not only would a DVD or Blu-ray drive have taken up space and made the notebook heavier and more power hungry, but most consumers are downloading content rather than using disks.

In any case, Alienware considers the internal battery, hard drive, RAM and wireless cards to all be user-serviceable parts.

Hydrophobia: Prophecy on M11x R2 – Video 2 – video dailymotion

Notebooks and Desktops for Sale. If I was using this touchpad on any other Dell notebook I would be absolutely thrilled. Discussion in ‘ Alienware M11x ‘ started by Snowbunny27Dec 18, The exterior of the notebook feels rock solid with just a little bit of flex on the back of the screen lid when you apply pressure.


Speaker quality is far above average for an inch notebook and the maximum volume output is both loud enough to fill a large meeting room and clear enough to be heard without obvious distortion. The panel looks great, with good color reproduction and very even lighting thanks to the LED-backlighting. Although the M11x has two excellent headphone jacks you might be perfectly happy with the built-in speakers on this laptop. No, create an account now. Key spacing is quite good and each key has the perfect amount of feedback with minimal side travel.

No warranty void if removed stickers were found anywhere, although there was some yellow tape over the edge of the hard drive and battery. ADORDec 18, Display hinge, AC power jack, and heat vent.

However, I am up for the challenge as I think it will be fun. You are more or less stuck with the CPU and GPU unless you are willing to change the motherboard, and even then you won’t see much of a performance boost with the i7 models.

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